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Welcome to LaiYuan
Professional surface treatment
The company in a professional, innovative and environmentally friendly technology as the core, to provide to the automotive industry and covers the main aviation, nuclear power, high-speed rail, marine and other industries such as metal and non-metallic product specialization, customization, Full of surface functional, decorative development and applications of the process, to build a new generation of high-end industry, technology and production services.
  • Acid zinc surface treatment products
    A source in a professional, innovative and environmentally friendly technology as the core, providing a metal product specialization, a full set of anti-corrosion and protection research and development and applications, to build a new generation of high-end technology industries and production serv...
  • Nantong Boyuan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2014, specializes in the production, processing and assembly of lightweight, new materials, surface treatment applications of automotive interior and exterior products of special materials....
Technological Innovation

Levin Source Group focuses on professional and technical services market, technological innovation to promote development of the industry, energy efficient upgrade of traditional industries, to become the industry leader in surface treatment.

Every drop of change, progress every day, we have witnessed the growth! Thanksgiving community Thanksgiving partners, thanksgiving brothers and sisters grow together!
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